Bradley Family

I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to life. - Barbara Bush

I’m beyond thankful that I get to call these people family. This is my sister, Justine and her husband, Ben, and his parents. Watching my sister fall in love with her husband was one of my favourite things… and she really found a man that loves her more than anything; which, as an older sister, makes my heart settled and happy. These two got married two years ago, and they are definitely more in love now then they were then. I’m so excited, because they are moving back down here after being up near prince george (5 years for my sister, and 2 for Ben) as my sister has taken a transfer in her work down here! YAY!!!!

I was so honoured when Ben and Jay asked me to photograph his family… I met up with them in Mission, and we did a quick 20 minute session before the rain started.