Marissa & Nick

I remember very vividly meeting these two souls. They were not together, just good friends… and I remember having coffee with Marissa and saying, “What do think about Nick..” and back in 2014, that wasn’t something even close to her radar. My hubby, Andy, and I love these two people so much. They are some of the kindest people out there, love people well, and know how to encourage people deeply.

When they started dating, I could have cried… I actually think I did, when Marissa texted me (I was totally postpartum and cried about everything, just to defend myself a little).

So of course when they asked if I would photograph their wedding, my heart leaped out of my chest and I died. I’m so thankful for their friendship over the years and being able to photograph the most important day of the beginning of their joint lives was pure joy.

You two are something special- and I cannot wait to watch how your marriage will impact the world. Thanks for living authentically, loving large and powerfully, and being joy where ever y’all are.

Love you!