Paul & Annie

I sit here, at 11:15pm, watching season one of Grey’s Anatomy yet again, having my “downtime”…. it’s my last week of school. As of Friday I am done. I’m so excited, excited for change and adventure, and yet, nervous too. I have come to realize that if the change doesn’t make you nervous, then it won’t really be a change.

So, here’s to exciting change, to new adventures, and to figuring out what’s next. Cliff Jumping is always a little fun!

Annie and Paul are about to get married, and I’m so excited for these two. I had so much fun with them at Lighthouse Park, and Annie has mass respect from me- she hiked Lighthouse park in heels. Her poor feet, i mean, she looks amazing, so who cares right? haha.

Congratulations you two! All the best on your marriage- may you always laugh hard, and pursue one another daily.