The Whims

I grew up in Maple Ridge. I remember being 10, and just wanting to move from Maple Ridge… fantasizing about living in Vancouver, or just a busier city. As luck has it (or let’s be real, how crazy expensive the lower mainland is to live for renting/ owning), Maple Ridge has become our home again this last year.

I remember being a teenager, going to Gold Creek… because that is where all the teenagers went. I remember spending so many summers lying on the beach there, never really venturing out beyond your ankles because the water was freezing year round, but yet my friends and I were still clothed in a bikini, and come May we would be up there on Sunny Days. We even had grad skip day there.. sigh yes, a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Lately, its become one of our families favourite spots on sunny or grey days. The walk isn’t too tough for Harper, and once you get out to the water, throwing rocks in to the water is basically her favourite activity.

When Danielle contacted me about doing their family photo session, as soon as she said Gold Creek, I basically freaked, did a little happy dance (ask Andy, it happens too much, often times associated with a squeal that he says releases so much energy).

The Sunday I met them there, it was perfect. My favourite family sessions often involve me going for a walk and an adventure with you- posing is great, but putting you and your loved ones in good light, and letting you just adventure and love on one another is even better.

Thank you so much Whims for letting me capture your gorgeous family! It was such an honour to meet y’all!

PS. For any of you are dog owners, Danielle is a Canine Massage Therapist, and owns her own Canine Massage Practice!