"Never lose the childlike wonder." -Randy Pausch

Harper turned one this spring... where did all the time go?  I feel like we blinked and 2017 ended, and all of my sudden my baby stopped being a baby, become toddler like.  Just when I thought I was starting to get a handle on mummy hood, she went and changed again.  She is so dynamic, so fun, and full of sass. 

We've done a lot this spring- we hired a sleep coach , which was the BEST money we spent.  Lara was so incredibly supportive, and helped us create really awesome guidelines for Harper to go to sleep with the support we felt comfortable giving her.  Harper went from freaking out being near her crib, to loving it and wanting to play in it all the time (as well as sleep in it).

We've done plenty of park days- which is her absolute favourite place to be some days.  Actually, let me rephrase; as long as we are outside, Harper is stoked on life.  Every day when its time to come in, her life is over, and meltdowns ensue.  Ha Ha.  Since we started sign language, the meltdowns have cut back.  Harper being able to communicate in some way about a few things has given her so much joy.  My favourite part is when she getting ready to fall asleep, she is signing "bird" and "dog"- it's her favourite things right now, and she is thinking about them as she drifts away to sleep.  So cute <3

In July, we are moving, and we can't wait!  We're moving to Maple Ridge, but first we have to reno the place!  It's been fun picking out floors, colours, cabinets, tile, counters, etc... but now comes the worst part- packing and de-cluttering.  We're finally moving into something big enough that we get to get rid of our storage locker.. I've almost forgotten what's in storage.  However, now that I'm thinking of it now, I think I have some of my AWESOME purses in storage.. eeek. I just got really excited!

We are getting ready to head back to Palm Springs at the beginning of June, and Harper is such a water baby, that I think our plan for being at the pool all day will be perfect <3

Here is a quick look at our spring.. <3