Sarah & Cody

"Cause the daylight seems to want you
Just as much as I want you."- Snow Patrol

I was feeling rather nostalgic while I was editing these sessions, and listening to some of my favourite older music... like Snow Patrol & then of course, Josh Garrels!!! So much of my high school years, and early years with Andy was spent listening to Snow Patrol's albums on repeat.  Actually, fun story- when Andy had finally asked for my number, we spent hours texting on our way down to San Diego (we were driving in separate cars).  I had the "a 100 Million Stars" album on repeat in my ears while we texted into the wee hours- I think I had maybe 2 hours of sleep before arriving in San Diego. 

I haven't listened to this album since 2010, and when I was editing their photos, I was desperate to live through the album again.  Music is so amazing- the way it can take you right back into memories, emotions, make you recall the moments that we tend to forget naturally. 

Sigh... this album made me fall in love with my hubby just a bit more again.  Yes. Cheese. I know.  He's going to hate me for posting that- but deep down, he is just as cheesy as I am.. ha ha

Anyways- these two.  Fun fact- I knew Cody in High school; other fun fact- I met Sarah in 2012 while Andy & I were leading and overseeing an internship program at a local church we used to be apart of!  Sarah was Cody's barista, he got her number- but it actually ended up being the wrong number... don't worry- it all got sorted, in a very comedic way, and now the rest is history.  These two are getting married at my absolute FAVOURITE wedding location- Rowena's Inn (my heart leapt out of my chest when they told me!!!).  I have photographed a few weddings there, but this will be my first there without Andy.  I'm so excited to see Cody & Sarah get married in June.. I'm so honoured that I get to be apart of their wedding day!

Fun little fact- we did two sessions... because one of the days- it rained HARSHLY.  There really is something so beautiful about rainy sessions- if you're feeling adventurous, like these two were, let's go explore in the rain.  Last week, we chased the sunset, and I'm so in love with the contrast between these images.  Enjoy!