Harper & Jack go to the Aquarium

"You wish surprise, will never stop wonders
You wish sunrise, will never fall under
We should always know that we can do everything."- Jonsi

Back in January, before my sister in law head back to work, we took Harper and Jackson to the Vancouver Aquarium with my mum!  When we got there, I had realized that I hadn't been in the aquarium in almost TEN years!  Andy and I went when we started dating, but that was the last time. 

It was a pretty miserable and rainy day outside- but inside, there were so many kids and toddlers.  Harper was in social bug heaven.  If I haven't mentioned already- Harper is so incredibly social.  She will stop crying and melting down just to smile at other people... and the aquarium was her hay day! haha. 

I was definitely that insane mum- taking tons of photos with an actual camera rather than my iPhone- but I wanted to be able frame these later!  Harper was obsessed with any of the features where she could stand and put her face right against the tank- so obviously the jelly fish won out.

Enjoy Harper & Jackson's first trip to the aquarium!

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