Lisa & Shaun

"Let our hearts be the only sound..."- James Bay

I always wanted to photograph a wedding on New Years Eve- but really, I've always wanted to attend a wedding on New Years Eve.  I love going dancing, but hate BUSY crowds.  Andy photographed a wedding on New Years Eve without me back in 2011, I was bummed.  But along came Lisa & Shaun...

Lisa's best friend contacted me while I was in Palm Springs on vacation back in September on behalf of Lisa.  The next day, Lisa reached out to me, we chatted a few times back and forth over email, and I booked their wedding over email.  That's never happened before, but I should have known it would be a hint to just how relaxed and easy going these two are. When I got back, we met at our local fave spot- Foamer's Folly in Pitt Meadows (literally around the corner from both of us!), and I couldn't wait to photograph their big day.

I had such an amazing time with them- they even bought me a beer while we were at the pub just after finishing the portraits, giving these two a few moments alone.  I literally wish you two a lifetime of happiness and love!  Thanks so much for having me on your wedding day Lisa & Shaun! 

I suggest listening to this song while you view... I was editing their wedding to this song.