"Let’s dance and sing, for the joy a new life brings."

There really is something so amazing & stunning about watching your man become a father...I remember seeing the photos of Andy bringing Harper out to meet my parents, who were waiting outside of the OR for us, and the glow of pride on his face from that photo still melts my heart. I don't remember a whole lot from that first day with Harper, but I do remember just how excited we were to finally see her little face; and how even more excited I was to see my hubby with our daughter.  Nothing will ever compare to those moments.  

I got to meet this sweet little nugget earlier this month. Emory is just so sweet.. he was so calm, and chill. ha ha.  EJ & Tesha have one gorgeous little man. As I was editing these photos, it was making me think about having another one... but then my daughter didn't sleep well, and that was over very quickly.  ha ha.  One day, some day, there will be another little buckle running around- but for now, Harper has our full attention.

Congratulations EJ & Tesha on Emory- you guys did good ;)  Thank you so much for giving me the honour of capturing your little family!

I recommend listening to this while you look at these... <3