The Craig Family

Where do I even begin with this amazing family...

Jenae and I have been best friends since we met in high school.  She arrived in my Grade 9 (I think... don't quote me on that.. mummy brain) year, and we instantly clicked.  She and I used to do insane things- like write a notebook full of lists, and pass it back and forth to one another just so we could make sure we got everything done that each other had written down.  We even got married two weeks apart- she got married in June and we followed two weeks later in July. 

Jenae and Jordan were high school sweet hearts, and now they have THREE amazing kids!  I have been so lucky to photograph each of their kids as babies, and this time instead of doing the usual newborn shoot, we decided to go for a walk and do some family photos instead.  I couldn't love these kids more, and their girls are just so sweet.  Poor Addie, who is their oldest, fell just as we were walking over to the park... she was so excited to have her photo taken, and it took a little while for her to calm down after- but what a trooper she was!  We picked some berries, looked for mermaids, laid on the grass, raced around the path, and talked about Disney Princesses.  It was a wonderful evening!  I can't wait for Harper to follow Addie & Aubree around.

Congratulations Craig Family on the birth of your amazing little boy, Everett! He is such an awesome addition to your family :) Love you guys!

Dani Buckle