The Past Year in Photos...

This past year, after losing some passion, I took a bit of a time out from photography.  There were many reasons, but we only booked one wedding together, and I took another wedding by myself in the fall, but it was completely needed. 

We didn't know that I would be pregnant in the summer, and that I would be having a real rough go. it was as if God knew we would need the time off; so I counted it a blessing when we found out I was pregnant, and began feeling the morning sickness. 

Last Summer, I took pictures of people I love, of amazing moments, new life, and just pure love. I rediscovered my passion for capturing moments.  I started taking pictures of everything around me and I dived back into finding my voice and style again.  I discovered that I was obsessed by moments, by colour, by reality. I love the small, the epic, the intense, The solitude, the real, and the fun.  A lot of these photos below are some of my favourite photos I have ever taken... I just let the camera do the work, and I found my way back into loving what I was seeing.