Shaun & Lisa

It’s you.
Because no one else makes sense.

When Andy and I were engaged and we were living in California, we went and explored Redwoods with our best friends.  We drove on the really windy roads, and when we got there, we did the ceremonial drive your car under the roots of the one tree... for some reason, when I was with Lisa and Shaun, I was reminded of my time exploring Redwoods.  I think perhaps its the ease I feel when I'm with them- they are so laid back and relaxed.  And then of course, we were exploring Wonnock Lake, and were surrounded by trees and absolute peace.

Shaun & Lisa are getting married on New Years Eve, and I'm so excited to celebrate with them!  I'll only be with them for a few hours, but to get everything ready for their big day, they wanted to take some family photos with Shaun's son, Logan.  We wandered around, looked for fish, and just hung out.  It was such a fun time with them, and Logan did AWESOME- but I'm sure he enjoyed the park more than having me take photos of him. :)

Congratulations again Lisa & Shaun- I can't wait to photograph your big day!