The Davison's

Kid, You’ll move mountains.
— Dr Seuss

Andy and I spent the day finishing up our Christmas shopping...  I could hardly believe how many people were at the mall on a MONDAY.  It was insane.  Andy and I split up, and went shopping- well let's be honest, after me showing me some of the things I liked, he went shopping for me.  I did online shopping for him and Harper this year, and I think that's what I'm going to do from now on, LOL.  Needless to say, shopping is all taken care of.  Now time to enjoy the holiday season.  Tomorrow evening with my family, we are headed to Burnaby Village Museum to hang out, the kids will go on the carousel... it'll be such fun! 

Now onto more important things, like this family.  I've known Shannon and Chase for what feels like a million years- we all grew up going to the same private school our whole lives.  They got married, and now have three adorable kids.  Oh my goodness are their kids ever so adorable.  I got to come over to the farm and hang out with them all on a cold, brisk, sunny December morning.  I'm so grateful for this job that allows me to capture the fun and love that every family has- it makes me so happy to be alive, and to appreciate the moments with Andy and Harper even more.  Chase and Shannon are just so sweet, and the way you can just tell they enjoy laughing together makes every heart want to swoon.

Thanks so much Chase and Shannon for having me around to capture your family!  Merry Christmas! <3