Leticia & EJ

Sometimes the littlest of things
take up the most room
in our hearts.

When I was pregnant with Harper, my favourite part of the week was to wake up, get dressed, and do my weekly bump photo.  I loved seeing Harper grow in my belly... at the time I was so sad when the stretch mark began showing up, but now whenever I see the faded silver marks, its like a tattoo reminder of the greatest gift- carrying Harper.   This might be one of the only things I was excited about during pregnancy- the heartburn, restless legs, insomnia, nausea and so many other things were not as fun; but Harper was at the end of the not so good things.

Can I just say how much I LOVE photographing people at home... people- let me come photograph you at home- it's so much more relaxing and comfortable.  EJ literally was watching football while I took photos. Ha ha.

Leticia and EJ are expecting a little boy at the beginning of January!  I'm so excited for them!  I'll be photographing Baby boy's newborn session in January, but it was nice to capture Leticia in all her beautiful mumma glow with that gorgeous bump of hers.  I can't wait to meet Baby Boy earth side soon- congrats Leticia and EJ!  <3