The Wong's

If I know what love is, it is because of you.
— Hermann Hesse

9 days til Christmas... how!  I've almost finished most of my Christmas shopping, but most of all, I've almost finished all my editing!  If you're waiting for your portrait session images, don't worry they are coming soon! 

Right now, Harper is playing on the floor with Paddington Bear, chatting his ear off, and moving from one object to another.  We have Grey's Anatomy on in the background (I can't handle anymore Super Simple Songs for Kids right now), and Andy is working a late shift.  I really love being at home with Harper- before I had her, I loved being out, being busy.. but that doesn't work with a little one.  Especially right now- she needs routine.  Now that's not to say she and I aren't out alot- but being home is so comfy and cozy, especially with her.

There is so much I love about this session.... First off, I met Sarah almost 10 years ago in California when we were going to school down there.  It was so great being able to photograph her family!  Marcus and Sarah have been married 5 years, and River Grace is 8 months old!  River is so adorable.. and her eyes- as I was editing, I thought I could get lost in them.  This little lady is going to carry so much joy! 

Thanks so much Sarah & Marcus for having me photograph y'all!  <3