The Weisgerber's

it had to be you-
I wandered around and finally found, that somebody who
could make me be true..”
— Frank Sinatra

We're coming up to Christmas- two weeks today (as I write this, it's Monday, but none of you will see this til tomorrow).  I've almost finished all my Christmas shopping- now begins the long process of wrapping it all... it used to be one of my favourite things to do, but with Harper, I feel as if she is going to be way more interested in trying to rip all the wrapping paper off... we shall see how it will go.  Andy and I went for a walk last week with some darling friends of ours around Lafarge Lake, and it finally got me in the Christmas Spirit... even though I have been listening to Christmas music for almost two months, ha ha.

I'm obsessed with these photos- for this main reason:  I photographed Jeff & Jenn's Engagement Session back in the day, then their wedding, and now their family!  They have two beautiful daughters, and are just the real deal kind of people.  Harper came along, and was such a good little assistant.  We wandered around Lions Park in Port Coquitlam, played on the playground, looked for Fish in the river, and played in the leaves.  It was just so good to catch up with these two and their family!  I'm excited to have a play date with Jen and the girls in the new year!

Thanks again Jeff & Jen for allowing me to capture your life- I feel as if I have been apart of so many of your big moments, and for that I will always be grateful!