The Ryan's

You know when you meet somebody and there is the instant click, and the whole thought process of "where have you been my whole life"... well, that is what happened when we met Rob & Leah.  Rob & Leah moved here back in March around the time Harper was born, and we met at the beginning of April, and there was an instant connection, a click... I absolutely adore this family.  We adore them.  We are so grateful that we get to call them friends, so grateful they moved to the area this year, and so grateful we get to do life with them!

Rob & Leah have the two sweetest boys in the whole world... Roo & Daniel have literally stolen a piece of my heart.  Daniel has a gentle spirit, and is such an awesome big brother to Roo.  Daniel is compassionate and fun, encouraging and already shows a quiet strength that is modelled by both of his parents.  Roo is full of fire, and loves to laugh and smile almost as much as Harper.  He is so interested in the world around him, and I can already imagine him causing so much joy in his friends when he is older. He absolutely adores Harper- he even comments on photos of her, and asks to see pictures of her all the time, and has named his only doll baby Harper.  Harper and Roo may or may not have already had their first supervised date...

I'm so proud of these two- how they navigate life, how they chase their passions, and to keep trying despite seasons and circumstances.  They inspire me to run harder, love deeply and to continue on. 

Thanks guys for hanging out and letting me photograph you <3