Hello! I’m Dani

Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer


In my life, there are many titles and hats that really describe who I am, the jobs I do, and roles I play. I simply rather enjoy being just Dani (and mummy).

I’m a pretty excited about life kind of person; very type A (as my hubby likes to remind me); a little analytical and a lot creative. I really love to laugh; I adore sarcasm & awkward humor; learning over knowledge always wins out; and I value character & love above everything else.

I’ve been married almost 9 years. I like to joke that I was a child bride- nothing makes my hubby feel more awkward than bringing up our ‘age difference (only 5 years folks) and how young I was when we got married. Andy is the calm to my storm; laid back in the best ways possible. He is just as passionate about life, is incredibly humble & wise, and is always pushing me towards my dreams. No one makes me laugh harder than him, and boy oh boy, am I ever glad that he is my partner for life.


Harper is my most favourite little human- obviously, every mother feels this way about their child. She’s got my smile, Andy’s brown eyes, and both of our determined nature and sense of humor. She is obsessed with babies, soccer and basketball, and art of all kinds. Since she came, I’ve never known a joy such as this. Discovering life and the simple things with her all over again is my favourite. I love that every day is an adventure, and I get to become childlike with her, and experience the wonder that is in this world.


When it comes to photography and my approach, my passion is to follow the story and create something timeless. When I was 16, doing a self-instructed photography course in high school, I always was obsessed with the original photographs and just how timeless they were and still are. I still love looking at my parents wedding pictures, seeing my grandparents and their life at my age in their generation. The art of freezing life so it sparks reminiscences of smells, feels, sounds and bridges that journey from just a memory to a tangible experience is the reason I run wholeheartedly into storytelling. Photographs make us feel connected, to people and their stories. So that’s my goal: to capture your story and find the joy. I promise that I’ll laugh hard, cry a ton, make sarcastic jokes, find the light, and make your photos feel like you.


Things I Love