Hello there!

I'm Dani.

I'm a wife, a mumma, a creative type, a dreamer, a teacher, a pastor, a passionate wine drinker, a pretend coffee snob, and a full time life adventurer!

I am passionate about my marriage.  I married my best friend, and ever since we've been pursuing each other and chasing our dreams.  Andy is the kindest, funniest, sincerest, most humble, and loving man I've met.  I'm so glad that I get to parent with him, and champion the rest of my life with someone who pushes me to be better, laugh harder, and love more sincerely. 


I am a huge fan of love; It is an integral part of who I am. I can't think of a better way to live life, than by being inspired and guided by it. I'm living to love courageously, so one day on my tomb stone it'll be said that I "loved well".

I'm a new mumma, and absolutely obsessed with my daughter - Harper Ava.  The poor girl will have the most documented life... She is the apple of my eye, and the greatest adventure Andy and I have decided to take yet. She came by a surprise/emergency c-section in early March 2017 (two weeks early), and has brought nothing but joy to both of us.  She is our courageous, long dreamed about, little wonder. 


Finally, My husband and I also pastor a local church in Port Coquitlam, which is really a passion project for us both.  We love seeing people become free, to live with purpose, and empowered to be all they were born to be.  

My loves include:  Dreaming, Wine, People, Autumn, Education/ Special Education, Tattoos, Love, Design, Fashion, Reading, Coffee, Interior Decorating, Shopping, Making Lists, Finding new TV Shows, Walks, Heart to Heart Discussions, and a Good Rainy Day.


Chasing Passion

I've fallen in love with the pursuit of passion.  When I was 16, I photographed my first wedding, and I have been photographing the world around me since.  Back then it was a Minolta with a 50mm lens, and I would carry around bags of film everywhere, on every family trip, filling up suitcases, processing them when I'd get home, etc.  When I was 19, I spent two years living in California, where I met Andy... the long story short is that I fell in love with a man that had the same passion as I did: to see the world follow their passions; and so we chose to document those moments for people.


I'm a firm believer in candid, timeless, romantic, excitement, and just pure life.  So that's what I aim to do- every session is different, every wedding is unique, and thankfully, not every birth is the same; but what follows a general theme, is that there are people who love one another fiercely on the other side of my lens, and I get to capture it. I aim to be a fly on the wall, laugh hard with you, be apart of your moments, capture the ones that no one is aware of, and see passion through my lens.  I aim to live fiercely passionate, and I believe my photographs should aim to show that same passion- passion for people and their love.



Portraits & Family begin at $400

weddings begin at $2900

Births begin at $1500