Chasing Passion

I've fallen in love with a pursuit of passion. When I was 16, I photographed my first wedding, and I have been shooting the world around me ever since. Back then it was a Minolta with a 50mm lens. I would carry around bags of film everywhere, on each family trip, filling up my suitcase, then processing them when I got home.

When I was 19, I spent two years living in California, where I met Andy... The long story short is that I fell in love with a man, who had the same passion as I did: to see the world and follow the heart; and so we chose to document those moments for ourselves, which we now get to share with other people.


I'm a firm believer in candid, timeless, romantic, excitement, and life  at its most real. So that's what I aim to do... Every session is different, every wedding is unique, and thankfully, not every birth is a repeat.



The only constant is the presence of love, and It's my honour to capture it. I aim to be a fly on the wall, laughing with you, capturing memories, the ones that you see, and the ones that no one is aware of.

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Portraits & Family begin at $425

Weddings begin at $2900

Births begin at $1500